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Enhancing Customer Data for Smarter Decisions and Revenue Growth or a Premium Hospitality Group.


Open rate higher than the industry average


CRM system implementation


Increased Revenue

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Some Background Information

Previously, Brakspear utilised multiple systems for CRM and table bookings. While these tools collected customer data, they lacked a unified system for consolidating this information. This fragmented approach prevented the business from leveraging data for personalised customer communications.

A comprehensive evaluation was necessary to optimise data management and improve the overall customer experience.

Objectives for the project

  1. Consolidate various data sources into a Single Customer View (SCV)
  2. Enhance the customer experience to encourage repeat business
  3. Increase revenue through data-driven insights

Key Results:

  • We successfully implemented a CRM system that provided a clear SCV, enabling personalised customer communications and significantly increasing engagement. Email open rates were 100% higher than the industry average.

How did we do this?

01 Evaluate Existing Systems

We assessed the limitations of Brakspear’s existing systems: Fishbowl (CRM) and Live Res (table booking systems). Fishbowl, primarily an American platform, lacked integrations with UK systems and was not ideal as a CRM tool. Live Res did not fully meet Brakspear’s needs compared to other available booking systems.

03 Identify Better Solutions

We identified superior solutions: Acteol for CRM, Collins for table booking, and Pepper, a new order-to-table app compliant with Covid health and safety regulations. All three systems featured strong API connections, allowing data consolidation into an SCV.

05 CRM Strategy Next Steps

With numerous new data points available, we developed a plan to maximise ROI. 

Phase 1: Focused on automation, setting up welcome, birthday, and lapsed user communications, as well as initiatives to boost Google reviews for better SEO.

Phase 2: Created segmented groups to deliver personalised promotions and updates.

02 Short-Term Optimisation

We collaborated with to explore brand names and logos, ultimately selecting ‘Honeycomb Houses’ to reflect Brakspear’s historical association with the bee, symbolised by Nicholas Breakspear, the first English Pope

04 Implement the Systems

As project manager, I oversaw the implementation of these new systems. This included data transfer, staff training, web development, and post-launch Q&A sessions.

By integrating these advanced CRM strategies, Brakspear was able to enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth through smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Are you looking to use data to enhance your customer journey? Perhaps you need support integrating new systems. Let us help! Get in touch to discuss your business needs.

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Assisted Brakspear Brewery in improving customer relationships and sales through streamlined customer data. 



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