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Multi-channel campaign launching  Black Friday Gift Cards to boost revenue for Parogon Group


YoY Sales Uplift in gift card sales

Sessions generated to the website

A mobile phone displaying the Parogon Restaurant Group website


A little Background on Parogon

Parogon Group is a privately owned company with venues across Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Shropshire. Their reputation for quality dining experiences and exceptional service alongside their range of different restaurants close to each other, made gift cards a perfect marketing strategy for them.


  1. Increase gift card sales during the festive season.
  2. Attract new customers to Parogon restaurants.
  3. Enhance the average transaction value (ATV).
  4. Add value rather than discount.


Key Results:

  • Achieved steady sales growth throughout the two-week campaign.
  • Successfully targeted and engaged existing customers.
  • Boosted ATV through a 20% added value on gift cards.
  • Attracted new customers, particularly in the newly opened venue.
  • #2 in sales for all of Toggle’s Gift Card customers


How did we do this?

Utilised Parogon’s Reputation

Parogon already had a great reputation for quality and service, so we used that to instill trust in potential buyers. By highlighting the diverse selection of experiences and restaurants available, we enhanced the appeal of the gift cards.

Campaign Timing and Structure

 To cut through the Black Friday noise, we launched the campaign early. We started with a one-week campaign to stimulate impulse purchases and then extended it to two weeks to maintain sales momentum. This timing strategy ensured continuous engagement and prevented potential buyers from procrastinating.

Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Our multi-channel marketing approach included paid social ads, email campaigns, pop-ups, and organic social media. 

  • Paid Ads: We created a custom audience using CRM data and developed two carousel ads. The first ad, which highlighted different experiences, performed better with a cost-per-click of only 15p. We also implemented remarketing for visitors to the website and gift voucher page.

  • Email Campaigns: Email campaigns targeted three key moments: launch, extension, and last chance, with reblasts scheduled around these dates. 

  • Website pop-ups: Despite typically avoiding pop-ups, we used them in this campaign due to the high profitability and conversion rate of gift vouchers. 

  • Organic Social Media: We scheduled posts across all social media platforms on different days to maximise reach and engagement. This ensured our message consistently reached our audience throughout the campaign period.

Value Addition vs. Discounting

 Instead of offering a 10% discount as in the previous year, we opted for a 20% added value on gift cards. This approach aligned with Parogon’s ethos of adding value rather than discounting, which increased conversions and boosted the average transaction value (ATV).

Target Audience and New Customer Acquisition

We focused our communication primarily on existing customers, recognising the challenge of attracting new customers unfamiliar with Parogon. The goal here was for them to buy gift cards for their loved ones which would expand the reach of customers in due course. The opening of Orange Tree in December also provided an opportunity to reach a new local audience.

By targeting existing customers and maintaining consistent communication through a multi-channel approach, we ensured steady sales growth throughout the two-week campaign. This strategy resulted in a sustained increase in gift card sales, attracting new customers to Parogon restaurants and enhancing brand loyalty among existing patrons.If you’re looking for support on a multi-channel campaign to help you reach new customers and increase sales then get in touch!

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