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4 Apr 2024

3 Essential Strategies for Maximising Social Media Presence for Hospitality Venues

By Kat

3 minutes read

With over a decade of experience in the pub industry, I’ve learned firsthand the challenges of managing digital marketing, particularly on social media platforms. 

In the early days of social media, building a presence was as simple as creating a profile and adding friends. There were no ads, there were no business centres and people were still posting 200 photos a night (of course uploaded from their digital cameras). This meant that anything you posted (whether it was a picture of your delicious food or a latest menu pdf) actually stood a good chance of making it onto the feeds of your customers.

But as platforms like Facebook evolved, organic reach has dwindled, making it crucial for pubs and restaurants to adapt their strategies. Here are three key tactics to optimise your social media presence:

1. Leverage Customer Data for Targeted Marketing

Your booking system holds a goldmine of valuable customer information. By harnessing this data, you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Rather than relying solely on email marketing, explore the power of custom audiences on platforms like Meta (Facebook/Instagram), which allows you to upload your data directly to their platform. Utilising this data allows you to directly advertise to past customers who are already familiar with your establishment, increasing the likelihood of repeat visits. Additionally, take advantage of Meta’s lookalike audiences to expand your reach to similar demographics, maximising your acquisition efforts. This means that not only do you have the tools to reach your current and past customers, but also people in your area that are yet to become customers!

Ps. If you don’t have a booking system, now is the time to get one! It improves the customer experience and increases your chances of customers actually booking a table.

2. Develop a Strategic Content Calendar

We know that hospitality industry is the fast-paced, and that time isn’t something you always have much of! Focus on creating a calendar of a small number of high-quality content pieces each month that align with your strategic goals. Whether it’s promoting Sunday roast specials or attracting lunch crowds, tailor your content to meet specific objectives. By investing time upfront in crafting compelling content, you can repurpose it across social ads, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence throughout the month. This approach not only maximises your return on investment but also gives you a bank of quality content for future campaigns.

3. Direct People Straight Back to Your Website to Increase Conversion

When running social ads (or organic posts for that matter) driving traffic to your website is essential for converting interest into action. This translates into selecting the objective of link clicks’ when setting up social ads. Whether you’re showcasing your menu or promoting special offers, ensure that your ads and posts lead back to your chosen landing page. Avoid directing visitors to generic PDF menus or cluttered pages. Instead, create dedicated landing pages that guide potential customers through the desired experience, whether it’s exploring your afternoon tea offerings or making a reservation. By streamlining the journey from ad to action, you can increase conversion rates and ultimately boost revenue.

Incorporating these strategies into your social media approach can help pubs and restaurants thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape, save yourself time and stand out to your customers. If you’re seeking personalised guidance on maximising your online presence, feel free to reach out for expert assistance. We’re here to support your digital marketing endeavours and drive sustainable growth for your business.




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