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9 May 2024

3 Must-have software for your Pub or Restaurant

By Kat

5 minutes read

Nothing can have a bigger impact on the success of your venue like a carefully created suite of tools to enhance your digital marketing strategy. They help to increase your efficiency in generating marketing content, which leads to new and repeat customers flocking to your website (and, after that, your pub or restaurant)!

Only around 15 years ago, many systems operated in isolation, preventing integration with your current operation, and requiring the tedious processes of exporting, matching templates, and importing data across various platforms. Remember the days of managing numerous Excel sheets brimming with customer data stored on a computer? Those days should be well and truly behind you.

Thankfully, in today’s era of digital marketing, software companies have established integrations between platforms, facilitating swift data transfers either in real-time or through larger-scale overnight transfers. However, the selection of your tech stack is crucial, as integration methods may vary among software providers. While we can offer recommendations based on preferences, it’s imperative to tailor your choices to suit your pub or restaurant’s needs. Feel free to reach out, and we can discuss the best options for your operation.

Acteol Atreemo (Customer Relationship Manager)

The Acteol/Atreemo CRM system is truly remarkable. While there are other exceptional systems like Airship and Sprout, Acteol Atreemo stands out as a treasure trove for digital marketers.

Single Customer View Functionality

The system’s skill in gathering customer data is unmatched, exemplified by its table-matching script. This feature seamlessly correlates restaurant table bookings with basket data from your EPOS system. For instance, if Daniel Turner has a table booked for 7:30 PM on 13th March, the system retrieves the corresponding till data to discern the items ordered and the amount spent. This enriches the Single Customer View (SCV) with valuable insights (such as preferences and purchase history), enabling personalised communications and effective automated campaigns.

Digital Tree Functionality

Segmentation via the Data Tree functionality empowers you to create targeted strategies and digital campaigns based on various criteria, ranging from demographics to purchase behaviour. For instance, you could filter your target audience, finding a group that are:

  • Female
  • 75 years old
  • Has purchased an Aftershock shot in the last three months
  • Exclusively orders through the pub’s IoS app
  • Has a birthday in December
  • Resides in the same postcode as the pub 

While this might narrow down your audience significantly, you get the idea. The sheer variety and quality of data points collected, combined with robust analysis capabilities, offer endless possibilities.

Also, Acteol Atreemo can easily collaborate with other software providers, ensuring seamless data integration for real-time communication with guests. This capability is vital for delivering personalised experiences based on SCV data.

Pepper (Mobile App Order & Pay and Loyalty System)

A well-executed mobile app can revolutionise your pub/restaurant’s digital marketing strategy. While the onset of Covid accelerated app adoption due to trading restrictions, many implementations understandably lacked strategic foresight, resulting in subpar user experiences.

A new marketing channel for you to utilise

Pepper’s mobile app can also serve as a digital marketing channel, offering the ability to send targeted app notifications to engage customers effectively. By integrating Pepper with Acteol, marketers can leverage personalised app notifications based on SCV data, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Each customer group gets a customised journey

The platform’s versatility extends to customising the user journey for different customer segments, ensuring a tailored experience that resonates with each audience group. Leveraging Pepper’s mobile app as a primary marketing channel can significantly amplify brand engagement and drive business growth.

Design my Night/ Collins (Table Booking Software)

Table booking software has become indispensable for food-serving pubs and restaurants, catering to customer expectations of online reservations while minimising human interaction. If you need just two reasons to choose Design my Night’s Collins, they are…

Upselling customers

Design my Night’s Collins stands out for its ability to enhance the customer booking experience while optimising operational efficiency. Features such as pre-order functionality enable upselling opportunities, driving higher average spend per head and maximising revenue potential. It is simple things like recommending a bottle of champagne on a date night booking, because it is a table for 2 on a Friday evening or suggesting a higher price-point meal like a sharing roast for a group booking on a Sunday.

Control arrivals

Design my Night allows for precise control over table bookings, ensuring optimal utilisation of seating capacity without overwhelming kitchen and bar teams. Getting the balance (and maths) right as scary as it may seem can significantly impact sales performance, provided it aligns with the establishment’s capacity and service capabilities. This cannot be taken lightly, setting up correctly can literally (as with the case of a client) take a £40k week straight up to £70k week!

While these are my preferred partners, selecting the right software providers hinges on your pub or restaurant’s specific digital marketing strategy. There are numerous other reputable providers tailored to diverse goals, and the tech stack encompasses various unexplored areas.

If you’re interested in discussing your system requirements further please do reach out! We offer an alternative approach to digital marketing agency services, leveraging a network of top-tier freelancers to maximise ROI while optimising your budget allocation.




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