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3 Jul 2024

Top 3 Reservation Management Tools for Restaurants

By Kat

3 minutes read

In the buzzing world of hospitality, nailing reservation management can be the difference between a smooth service and total chaos. At Illume, we work closely with pubs, restaurants, and hotels, seeing how reservation tools can totally transform the dining experience, not just for staff but for customers too! Check out our top 3 picks…

1. Collins (Design My Night)

Collins (partnered with Design My Night) stands out not just for its booking management tool but also for its additional perks. The reservation system itself is easy to use and handles bookings, arranges tables, and improves communication with guests. In their own words, the system “provides the tools that enable you to take real-time bookings and enquiries, with full flexibility over payment options, through one reservations website widget to manage your guests’ journey from start to finish.” Collins effectively assists with digital table management, managing enquiries and customer communication, collecting deposits, pre-ordering, and queue management. It also allows for easy reporting and integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM and EPOS provider. Additionally, using Collins gives you access to 4 million monthly visitors via Design My Night, making it a significant marketing opportunity as well.

2. SevenRooms

SevenRooms stands out for providing restaurants and pubs with a comprehensive platform for managing guest experiences. Beyond basic reservation handling, SevenRooms offers detailed guest profiles and preferences, enabling a personalised service based on individual preferences and past interactions. This not only supports your marketing efforts and increases customer loyalty and experience but also helps you to make more informed business decisions, supporting the growth of your establishment. Additionally, you can use SevenRooms’ analytics to make informed decisions regarding seating arrangements, menu offerings, and staffing. Direct guest communication features make the dining experience even better by keeping the flow of information smooth and easy before, during, and after each visit. As well as all the tools you could need (table and reservation management, CRM, email marketing, reporting, and more) it also easily integrates with your existing tech stack for added convenience.

3.  Dojo Booking

Dojo Booking stands out for its intuitive interface and adaptable features designed specifically for restaurants and pubs. Their tagline best sums up their support: giving the tools to “attract, seat, and manage diners easily.” With an emphasis on simplicity, this tool streamlines the booking process for both diners and restaurant staff, offering tools to manage reservations efficiently and optimise table turnover. Dojo Booking integrates seamlessly with popular POS systems, providing you with flexibility in managing your operations. The platform’s focus on efficiency and customer support ensures maximised revenue potential while delivering a seamless booking experience.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Restaurant

A quick look at any of these three websites will show you some of the big industry names that work with them, proving there are significant benefits to all three. When selecting a reservation management tool, we recommend you consider factors such as integration capabilities, user interface, and support. Investing in a reliable reservation management tool not only streamlines operations but also elevates the overall guest experience. Whether you opt for the comprehensive features of Collins, the personalised approach of SevenRooms, or the ease and flexibility of Dojo Booking, these tools are designed to empower restaurants and pubs in delivering exceptional experiences. By leveraging technology effectively, you can create a customer-focused environment that drives loyalty and business growth in today’s competitive hospitality landscape.

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